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Humber Bridge under construction -

The Modernist magazine is a quarterly print publication. You can submit an article or a photo story at any time, although we do work ahead of schedule on a theme by theme basis.

If you have an idea, we'd love to hear from you - please get in touch if you are interested in submitting an article. We are looking for essays or photo stories (around 1000 words) that focus on set themes below within twentieth century architecture and design. Our main focus is architecture, or art and design related to architecture such as interiors, glass, murals, furniture etc. These can be from anywhere in the world but we do like to feature lesser known examples. At present we are working with guest editors for each issue, which is a collaborative process. For questions relating to specific upcoming issues, please contact the relevant guest editor (details below).

As always, we invite contributors to interpret the theme in their own inimitable manner and with a broad imagination.


The Modernist issue 34: JUXTAPOSITION (spring 2019)

Guest editor: Linda Ross

Following @ruralmodernism’s ‘New lives, new landscapes: rural modernism in 20th century Britain’ conference in August 2019 we are pleased to announce an exciting opportunity to explore the theme further.

Contributions are sought for short articles with strong visual content for a special edition of the Modernist Society's quarterly, The Modernist. As we move into the next year The Modernist tackles the letter ‘J’. JUXTAPOSITION captures the rural modernist ethos perfectly: the post-­1945 decades in Britain were a period of technological innovation and expansion, with new energy, communication and leisure infrastructure having far-­reaching social, economic, political and cultural effects. These changes are associated with the modernisation of urban life, but the necessary infrastructure was often situated in rural environments. This leads to often unexpected juxtapositions of infrastructure, architecture and environment. Although the focus here is on post-1945, we welcome contributions spanning the whole century.

The Modernist ‘likes to focus on the untold story and the undiscovered’ and encourages contributors to ‘be flexible in your interpretation of the theme as long as it broadly relates to 20th century design’.

We are seeking articles of around 1000 words or less if the piece is more image focused. Please ensure you have secured permission to use images where applicable. Due to limited space it is essential that references and footnotes are kept to a minimum. The completed issue will feature 12 articles, with the final editorial selection made after the deadline.

Deadline is 14 November 2019 for publication in March 2020.

Please contact Linda Ross to register interest in submitting an article.

We’d like to know who you are, so please also include a one sentence biography.

Please note, The Modernist magazine is a volunteer led independent publication run on a shoestring, so there is unfortunately no budget available to pay fees for contributions. Articles and photographs are requested in a spirit of friendly collaboration.

We might not be able to reply to every submission. Our apologies if you do not receive a response.

For further information and general submission enquiries please contact Ashiya Eastwood

Thank you

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