The Modernist Magazine Issue #23 GIGANTIC

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The Modernist Magazine Issue #23 GIGANTIC



issue 23/ gigantic/ summer 2017

Here at The Modernist we are small but perfectly formed but now and again we also like to go large. We have modest means but big ambitions.
We like big ideas. We think on a global scale. With this in mind In this issue we celebrate some big Modernist projects and some of the big Modernist personalities.
We have managed to squeeze in three of the giants of Modernism - Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright and still found room for some epic feats of engineering.

You hold in your hand a GIGANTIC magazine. Handle with care.
Supersize Modernist  


  • Sarah Howard : A Gigantic Amount of Lemon Oil
  • Peter Wyeth : The Modern Architect’s Need for a Gigantic Ego
  • Olivia Havercroft : Suburban Neurosis and Demolition Melancholia
  • Gary Duke : The Gigantic In Service of the Workers?
  • Denis Esakov: This is not a Tower
  • Carol Hardie: Ekranoplan
  • Philip Etchells: An Ode to Emley
  • Laura Coucill : Rescaling Wylfa
  • Jason Wood : Synecdoche, New York
  • Paul Mosley reviews The Stack by Benjamin Bratton
  • Gwyn Lloyd Jones : Travels with Frank Lloyd Wright

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