Forton Services pin badge

Forton badge1.jpg
Forton badge1.jpg

Forton Services pin badge


Once upon a time when motorways were the biggest thing since sliced Mothers Pride and having a picnic on the hard shoulder had been frowned upon, Forton Services, or The Pennine Tower became the sexiest motorway service station of them all.

Opened in 1965 by Rank to a design by T P Bennett & Sons, and listed in 2012, Forton is still a beacon to all those travelling North and gives a visual answer to the question “are we nearly there yet?”

A square hard enamel badge showing the profile of the ‘Pennine Tower‘.

25mm x 25mm

Each badge comes on its own backing card and has a rubber butterfly fastening.

Forton Badge - £7 plus p&p

 **Please remember - we are a not for profit organisation with a small team. We aim to dispatch your order within seven days of receiving it. Please be patient with us. Thank you.**


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