issue 21/ government / winter 2016

Governments. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Democracy is a great idea—until the other guy wins; and surely no one wants to live in anarchy? Unless you are an anarchist. Obviously. At the other extreme a dictator usually comes to a sticky end; so think on if any of you a planning on becoming one. As for us—be you communist or capitalist—we welcome you as long as you are a modernist. In this issue, we have scoured the globe for the products of government. We ponder how to run the country after we have destroyed it. We go on a diplomatic grand tour of the world’s modernist embassies, and we strip off in the name of socialism. A wise man once said ‘everybody wants to rule the world’. Not us though. We are internationalists. We are the brotherhood of man.

Vote modernist.